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"Fields Construction Services, Inc. completed construction of our new home in Whitefish, MT on July 29, 2002. This letter is long overdue. Joan I would like to thank Edwin Fields, his office staff, and all sub-contractors who combined to complete our construction on time, as scheduled on August 1, 2002, in a very professional manner. The final product, after twenty-two months, has proven to be constructed of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, as we knew would be the case when we selected Edwin Fields and his company to build our new home."


"As President of the Mountain Harbor Homeowner’s Association, Whitefish, MT, we were privileged to have known and worked with Edwin and his company prior to our selection of a contractor for this project. Our prior experience provided us with an easy selection of Fields Construction Services, Inc. to build our house."


"Joan and I are very happy with the final product, the cost to complete, and the professional manner we experienced under Edwin Fields’ direction."


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